5 years after his last movie, the director will adopt ‘Aurora’.

As we celebrate Jane Campion Of the Oscars, it’s just that we don’t ignore The first woman to win the Best Director statue : Catherine Bigelow. He has been a director since 2017, when he premiered ‘In Detroit’, devoting himself to production, but this year he Will eventually return to the back of the camera To manage ‘Aurora’.

‘Aurora’ will be a movie for Netflix Based on the original novel by David Koep, whose name may seem familiar to you as the screenwriter of some almost unknown films: ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘Mission Impossible’, ‘Spider-Man’, ‘The War of Worlds’ or, more recently, ‘Km’ in HBO Max. The novel Not sold yet (It will be in the United States on June 7), but those who have read it have already made it through the roof.

Stephen King says it’s ” Impossible to stop reading “And there’s a reason David Coep,” says Scott Frank (creator of ‘Queen’s Gambit’), climbing a little on the vine. The most successful screenwriter in history . ‘Aurora’ is one of his best works: it’s scary, funny and makes you think. “

Novel, which is about The collapse of society , Will follow a woman, Aubrey Wheeler, who is under global blackout, who must protect her neighbor while dealing with her rebellious son, her Silicon Valley CEO brother (who is building a bunker on the other side of the country) and her criminal ex. . Coep himself will adapt the film, so hopefully it will be as faithful as possible.

The collapse of society after the global crisis? Wow, where do they get these stories in Hollywood? We still do Will have to wait a long time Watch ‘Aurora’ on Netflix, but Return of Katherine Bigelow Always good news.

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