50 cents condemn Benzino, clowns Young Buck’s financial problems

50 cents Benzino and his social media are not shying away from slagging Young deer Any time soon.

Benzino’s rumored relationship with a transgender woman was the subject of a joke by G-Unit rapper, who then mixed up Young Buck’s name to make his statement. Fifty Cent, in an Instagram post released on Friday, joked about the idea of ​​her two eternal rivals working together again (April 15).

The latest information is that Benzino and Young Buck are currently in the studio recording, according to the author. “Who knows, maybe they’ll finally get together and start a relationship.” It turns out that there is a new energy couple in town. Ha ha ha. “

Young Buck has been the target of constant harassment for 50 cents over the years, allegedly as a result of an encounter with a transgender woman. As the controversy over the Benjino family’s transgender daughter continues, the power producer has returned to trolling, this time with hints of Yang Buck’s financial problems.

After an audio recording of a transgender woman named Benzino and Shawna Brooks was published online, the artist explicitly denied having any close relationship with her. In his defense, he insisted that the clips were changed to make him look bad, and said that the conversation took place a few years ago. When Benzino was in the spotlight, he used the 50 cents to his advantage, promoting the video on social media and joking about the situation.

After 50 cents mocked him, Benzino became furious and expressed his displeasure in an interview with the Queensflip website.

According to Benzino, the man in question was an informant who had “absolutely no morals.” “On top of that, he has no real superior judgment. It turns out he’s a millionaire who’s spreading fake information about me on the Internet.

Watch the video below to hear what Benjino has to say about Shawna Brooks and 50 cents.

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