About why Raven-Simone didn’t see it in ‘extraordinary’ wife Miranda Pierman-Mad

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Raven-Symone’s wife, Miranda Pearman-Maday, is his biggest fan, but didn’t watch his TV show before they met. Although this may seem like a problem to some, the 36-year-old said Raven’s Home The star says she liked it.

“It’s fantastic,” Raven said during an appearance Tamran Hall With Miranda. “Imagine a relationship with someone who doesn’t see you as a famous person even though you’ve been famous all your life. You will be seen. “

He continued, “And Miranda gave me a reality through an honest conversation where she forgot that I don’t consider Raven-Simon or me as that person.”

Raven and Miranda tie the knot during an intimate ceremony in 2020 and during their presence Tamran HallThe couple shared details about their whirlwind romance

After meeting a karaoke bar in Los Angeles, Raven bought Miranda a one-way ticket to New York. When Miranda accepted his offer, the rest was history.

And Raven credits Miranda for allowing him to live his life on his own terms.

“It’s definitely been a journey,” Disney told Star Hall. “I have always kept my life private and really promoted the work I was doing or the characters I was playing. But when we found each other, we were really upset and said we were going to do it. He checked and really made such a safe place. “

Raven and Miranda are also creating a safe space outside their home. Last month, Raven and Cast Off Raven’s Home Florida has walked out in protest of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The actress recently shared with ET why it was important to her.

“I’m married to a beautiful woman, we’re going to have kids,” she said. “And we want to make sure our kids feel confident, safe. And if you understand what the bill is, it’s absolutely ridiculous, and if you understand what we’re asking, it’s safety.”

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