Accused of conspiring to defraud son George John Moss

Son George The former has been accused of “conspiracy to commit fraud.” Culture Club Bandmate John Moss.

Moss – who was a founding member of the Karma Chameleon hitmakers – has filed a lawsuit in the High Court against singer, guitarist Roy Hay and bassist Michael Craig.

The 64-year-old drummer alleges he was cheated out of £ 188,000 after being fired from their manager group in 2018.

Moss claims he owes “outstanding balance” under the contract he signed for their ‘Life Tour’.

None of his former bandmates appeared during the remote court hearing. However, it is understood that they all oppose Moss’s allegations.

Another hearing is scheduled for May 4.

Moss has been with the band for 37 years and has previously claimed responsibility for the name of the culture club.

He said: “It was the Caravan Club and then it was something that can’t be mentioned. Then I brought the Culture Club because of the different people in the band.”

The drummer also recalls his first encounter with Boy George, who was an occasional singer with Bo Wao Wao before the formation of the Culture Club, performing under the name of Lieutenant Lush Manch.

He shared: “I saw him around. It was a punk day when everything was a little blurry and in those days it was a lot smaller London so you would bump into people.

“But when I first met him it was really in a weird theater warehouse that was quite suitable. I think people were more interested in George’s personality then than his real talent. I saw that he had a lot but George really got around town and was known for the costumes.

“He could sing. Tell her she just needed a little inspiration. At first a lot of people knew something was going on but they didn’t realize it because it was quite a left field then. “

John and Boy George – real name George O’Dowd – started a relationship at the height of Culture Club’s success in the 1980s, although the romance was kept secret at the time.

Their relationship ended in 1986, just before the group split.

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