Actress Sienna Miller talks about her relationship with Ben Affleck

A 40-year-old British-American actress Siena Miller (Casanova, I Seedud Andy Warhol, Layer Cake, Camilla Honeymoon, The Interview, The Loudest Voice) The woman mentioned that “I want to work with them again.”

According to Miller, he wants to get back on set, even with “those who had no chemistry.” Among such colleagues, Miller noted the 49-year-old Fool (Good Will Hunting, Gone Girl, Pearl Harbor, Jack Snyder’s Justice League, City on a Hill), an Oscar winner.

“… But Ben Affleck was like a brother to me. I have never in my life laughed as much as I did with him. I mean, it sounds ridiculous and an attack on his name, but I really think so. – Sienna Miller , British-American actress.

Recall that Miller and Affleck worked together on the crime drama Law of the Night, presented in late 2016. Ben Affleck played the lead role and acted as the screenwriter, director and producer of the tape.

According to the plot, a romantic relationship is formed between her protagonist and Sienna Miller’s character. Still, the woman “couldn’t take her partner seriously” for a long time.

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