Adam Divine promotes new flavors of cannabis-infused drinks

By Brent Fordick.

2 minutes ago

Adam Divine took to Instagram on April 1 to promote Can’s new Blue Rubber Flavor, a marijuana-containing “social tonic” where he is an investor.

To launch the product, DeVine teamed up with comedian Paul Shearer (“The League”, “Black Monday”) to promote a new flavor as well as a cannabis-free “dry boy” option for several ridiculous ad spots.

In a press release, Devine said, “As a longtime investor in Weeds and Cane, I am excited to be able to partner with them on two new drinks, one with marijuana and one without fun.”

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“I often refer to myself as a dad in the 50’s, but instead of pouring a glass of scotch, I open a can,” he added. “With Blue Rubber – or not – I can’t wait to elevate you.”

Earlier, Divine teased the ad in an earlier Instagram post.

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