After her death, Meghan Merkel paid tribute to her ‘dear friend’, naming him Wing

By Jamie Samhan.

3 minutes ago

Meghan Merkel pays tribute to her “dear friend” Oli Just who recently passed away.

Just, an animal behaviorist, was assigned to care for his dog Guy when he moved to the UK. Just introduced the Duchess of Sussex to the animal welfare charity Meihu, who would eventually become a patron.

Meghan’s patronage ended earlier this year and she reflected in a note on their website.

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After each “twist”, Meghan said she and Just would “connect”, asking: “What can we do? How can we do more? They continue to see amazing work.”

“On January 15, 2022, my dear friend Oli died tragically and very suddenly,” Megan continued.

“It’s heartbreaking and reflective for me, and for many others – knowing that the legacy he left for our furry friends is so simple: just love them. Especially those who have been left behind or forgotten. In his memory, we at Olive Just Wing We will create shelters for those animals who may have a hard time finding a permanent home. Because, like many Oli, they will never be forgotten, and they will always love. “

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Meghan concludes her letter by writing, “To the Meheu community, thank you for entrusting me as your patron. It is a matter of pride.”

Howard Bridges, Meheu’s chief executive, added that working with Meghan was “an incredible opportunity” and that while they had “mutually agreed” that Meghan was no longer a sponsor, he would “continue to support Meheu and make our ambition a champion.”

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