Alex Rodriguez is trolled by ESPN co-host Jennifer Lopez and Ben

By Corey Atad.

10 minutes ago

Alex Rodriguez can do a little trolling.

On Sunday night, the former baseball star was on ESPN with her “Sunday Night Baseball” co-host Michael K, who spotted her for her engagement to her ex Jennifer Lopez with Ben Affleck.

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“It’s a great time in the sport,” Kee said during the 9th inning of the Red Sox vs. Yankees game. “You have a new Masters champion, the NBA playoffs are about to begin, baseball is in full swing, people are busy. I mean, this is a happy time in the world.

Laughing awkwardly, Rodriguez replied, “Happiness and world peace are what we are looking for.”

“You know what,” Kee told him, “I think Gandhi and you.”

After another awkward laugh, Rodriguez quickly brought the matter back into the game at hand, making it even harder for his co-host to laugh.

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On Twitter, fans enjoyed the ridiculous TV moment.

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