Alexandra Grant, Jennifer Sime and many more

There is no doubt about it, Keanu Reeves A handsome man! The The Matrix The actor has dated the most beautiful women in Hollywood, for example Sophia Coppola And his current girlfriend, Alexandra Grant. The pair walked the red carpet together at the LACMA Art & Film Gala, and Alexandra has already made a good impression on the actor’s mother, Patricia.

“One of the things Patricia likes most about Alexandra is her caring nature and the fact that she is more interested in what she does with Kianu than her fame and money,” the source said. Nearly weekly In February 2020. Not only that, but Keanu’s mother has seen “huge changes” in her son since he first met Alexandra at a dinner party in 2009.

“He’s more positive about life,” Dish said. “Seeing her son so happy makes him happy!” But Alexandra is not the only woman who has captured Kianan’s heart. A May 2019 attendance time Ellen DeGeneres Show, Keanu said he used to have a “crash” Speed Coaster Sandra Bullock.

“She’s such a wonderful person, such a wonderful actress,” she said. “Nice to go to work.” Although Keanu never told Sandra that he had feelings for her, Proposal The actress host says Ellen DeGeneres That he has smitted with his coaster.

“I think Keanu was so sweet and so handsome,” Sandra joked about their time together. Speed. “It was hard for me to choose, to be really serious. For example, he would look at me and so would I.” [giggles]. And I have to try, you know [be serious]”

Despite the undeniable connection, the love between the two never blossomed. They are after Speed Together, the pair went on to star in the 2006 flick Lake House Where they played a couple who were divided by time.

“I can’t explain in words why Sandra and I have chemistry on screen or why we work together. We just do, and I’m glad because as a person I really like him, “the actor said earlier Entertainment WeeklyBefore Sandra screamed. “I love being around Kiananu,” Blind side The actress is surprised. “I really do. He’s such a good guy.”

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