Ally and AJ ‘upset’ after reading Sacramento’s ‘Crossfire’

By Corey Atad.

5 minutes ago

Ali and AJ Michalka are sending their thoughts and prayers to the families and victims of a shooting that occurred early Sunday morning in Sacramento, California.

The sisters, who go by the name Aly & AJ, tweeted about the shooting, which left six dead and 12 others injured, revealing that their tour bus was “caught in crossfire.”

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Aly & AJ told fans that although they were caught in the middle of the horror, they took refuge inside the tour bus and everyone in their group was fine.

According to NBC News, the shooting occurred in the wake of a fight after the last call on the morning of April 3rd.

“We know there was a big fight just before the shooting and we’ve confirmed that there are multiple gunmen,” Sacramento Police Chief Kathy Lester told a news conference.

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US President Joe Biden also said in a statement: “Today, the United States is once again mourning the loss of another person who was devastated by gun violence. But we must do more than mourn; We must work. “

The dead included three men and three women. The injured are being treated at a nearby hospital, while an investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

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