Amber Hard alleges sexual harassment against Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Hard Another day a new court session was held. Amber Hard alleges sexual harassment against Johnny Depp.

The idea was that this time they would discuss the actor’s defamation suit against Hard. During the meeting, however, new details of the scandalous marriage came to light.

So the actress says that Johnny Depp sexually abused her almost immediately after their marriage. He claimed it was during their trip to Australia. “Three days after arriving in Australia, something terrible happened to him. At first, he tore off his nightgown, pinned her against the bar and threw the bottle at her. Then he dragged her to the floor with the broken glass and kicked her.

He said he wanted to kill her because he hated her. He then entered her with a bottle of liquor, “said lawyer Amber Hard during the meeting.

Earlier, the actor’s lawyers claimed that he had planned to destroy Hard Depp’s career. They planned to provide testimonials, photographs, and other materials. The actor’s lawyers want to sue for 50 million in damages.

Earlier, Amber said she “loved Johnny” on her social media.
Recall that Amber Hard accused Johnny Depp of domestic violence after the divorce. While the court was in favor of the Aquaman star, Depp’s career was sinking: he was removed from current projects and movies with his participation were removed from streaming services.

The actor is now trying to clear his name after being identified as “Wife-Beater” by The Sun newspaper.

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