‘America’s Next Top Model’ Angelia Preston says the producers knew she worked

By Jamie Samhan.

2 minutes ago

Controversy has erupted over “America’s Next Top Model”.

2011 All-Star winner Angelia Preston snatched her title from the producers who learned that she had been an escort before. But the producers knew Preston was claiming now.

Preston was set to sign a $ 100,000 covergirl deal but that part was removed from the final episode after co-contestants Christa White told Tyra Banks and the production team.

“It was already painful to go through the sex stuff, and now to add insult to injury, they punished me for the rest of my life. I was burned. You didn’t talk then.” [sex work] Because it was embarrassing, and I felt embarrassed. And [Top Model] I’m even more embarrassed than I ever was, “said Preston Noise.

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Preston claims casting agent Michelle Mock asked him, “Were you pimped?” To whom he spoke of his past.

“For my part, he knew what had happened, but he was not going to tell anyone. It’s going to be a little secret for us, “Preston said.

Preston has already competed on the show twice. White, who won season 14, tried to help him before casting him in the All-Stars after he avoided his pimp.

“I knew in that look that he had succeeded. There was no way to find him [modelling] Work or take care of yourself or something else. No one hired or booked him, “White said.

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“And for Tyre, I want to be behind you, I’m for the women, I’m for the girls.” What happened when the time came to visit her and really help someone?

After Preston won, Mock and executive producer Laura Silva brought “rumors” to Preston. A meeting followed and it was decided by Banks that Preston would lose his title.

In 2014, Preston sued that he had unjustly stripped her of her title. He dropped মামলা 4 million in 2018.

Banks has not commented on the allegations, but has previously said that he did “a bunch of things” on the hit show.

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