Amy Schumer discusses if she stole any jokes for the Oscars

By Jamie Samhan.

2 minutes ago

Amy Schumer is resolving the controversy over the stolen joke.

During his 2022 Oscar monologue, Schumer joked about Leonardo DiCaprio: “He did a lot to fight climate change and leave a clean, green planet for his girlfriends.”

Many on Twitter pointed to a tweet in late 2021 that read, “Leonardo DiCaprio is very passionate about climate change because he wants to leave a better word for his girlfriends.”

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“Watch What Happens Live!” In a conversation with Andy Cohen, Schumer asked if he had stolen the joke.

“Okay. Okay, I mean, I wasn’t on Twitter personally,” Schumer admits. “I let my assistant do it so I could survive and not kill myself. But I thank you, always, for making sure I don’t start stealing. “

He also spoke to Cohen Vanity Fair He recently underwent a false detector test.

“They asked me, ‘Thank God, have you ever stolen a joke?’ And I didn’t say, and it was ‘it’s true,’ ”Schumer said. “So, everyone just chills. It’s crazy. I’m funny enough, I don’t need to steal.”

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