Anderson Cooper mocks his youngest son Sebastian at his eldest son Watt Tuke

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Anderson Cooper wants to form a bond with his son, White, who is about 2 years old, and Sebastian, 8 weeks. However, the 54-year-old journalist doesn’t think there’s a way to force two boys together.

“I was really worried about that. When I was growing up, when I arrived, my brother was about two years and four months old and in every childhood photo I had, I was very happy as a small child and my brother was chewing on his lips, “said Cooper, his late brother, Carter Vanderbilt. Cooper, while appearing on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” I’m doing a slow roll with Sebastian. I didn’t want Watt’s life to change dramatically … White doesn’t live up to it every day. We go out a lot and stuff. “

In addition to not forcing Wyatt’s brother on him, Cooper has an interesting new way of establishing a relationship with Wyatt as a child.

“I started doing this thing with Wyatt where we both made fun of Sebastian,” Cooper noted. “I mean, not in a bad way. I started doing this while Sebastian was crying, Watt would look at me and I would look at him and I would go, ‘Wow! I’m a kid. I’m crying, I’m crying. ‘ She likes it. And now he does. “

He assured host Colbert that he would not keep it until Sebastian realized what was happening.

“Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and Guest Anderson Cooper. – Photo: Scott Qualchik / CBS

“Of course I’m going to stop it!” He said emphatically, laughing.

Cooper also talks about the funny friendship between Ben and Watt, the son of his friend Andy Cohen. Cohen posted a picture of the two little boys at the “Watch What Happens Live” studio earlier this month.

“What I like about this photo is that it’s like the mini-me version of Andy and I. Ben just smiles as if he’s a host like Andy – always happy and excited,” Cooper said. “And whenever I’m a guest on Andy’s show, I look at him with some confusion. Why did I agree to stay here? What am I doing here?”

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