Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire go to the cinema together to ‘see everything

By Melissa Romualdi.

4 minutes ago

Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire continue to amaze fans with their bromance, especially the “Spider-Man” multi-verse. After all, they both share a respectable experience of portraying iconic superheroes in the past.

The actors initially surprised fans during the release of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” in December 2021, when they made a highly-anticipated special appearance in the film as they recaptured their infamous roles. However, the friendship that developed between the two after the latest installment of “Spider-Man” in Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to have made the fans even happier.

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Garfield and Maguire were recently spotted at a CAA screening of Michelle Yeah’s “Everything Everywhere Once Upon a Time” where they sat side by side in a movie theater.

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The screening was initiated by directors Daniel Cowan and Daniel Scheinart, as well as Jamie Lee Curtis, who starred in the sci-fi-adventure film.

In March, Garfield revealed that before he and Maguire even shot a scene for “No Way Home,” they put on their Spider-Man costume to shoot the now-viral meme with Tom Holland, which saw them smile. Full time

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