Andy Cohen apologizes to nurses for offhand comments about Sierra Miller’s appearance:

By Corey Atad.

6 minutes ago

Andy Cohen has nothing but love for medical practitioners everywhere.

On Monday’s “Watch What Happens Live,” the host was talking to “Summer House” cast member Sierra Miller, who is a working nurse.

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“Hi, Siara, you look so beautiful. Wow, “said Cohen.” Are you actually a nurse? “

Miller confirmed that she was, in fact, a nurse, and the host replied, “And you look like that? That’s great.”

Immediately, viewers took to Twitter to complain about Cohen’s implication that most nurses aren’t nice to look at.

Cohen obviously got the memo, because halfway through the ceremony he took a moment to apologize to all the nurses there.

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“Before leaving, I just want to say that I am angry with the nurses in America and internationally. I apologize, “he said. “I was just mentioning that Ciara looks like a supermodel. I know that seeing a lot of nurses – that’s not a denunciation of nurses. “

“All the nurses are hot,” Miller interrupted.

“All the nurses are hot,” Cohen followed. “But most importantly, all nurses have the biggest hearts in the universe and they are beautiful inside and out. I’m sorry if I hurt anyone.”

Turning to his other guest John Mayer, the host asked, “John, was it satisfactory?”

“It saved my awakened little heart,” the musician told him.

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