At the opening of Courtney Kardashian, Chris Jenner thinks ‘it’s time’ Kendall’s baby

By Corey Atad.

1 minute ago

Kendall Jenner is under pressure to bring some small Kendals to Earth.

In an interview! According to the news, the star of “The Kardashians” has revealed that his mother, Chris Jenner, is late putting screws on him to give him more grandchildren.

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“He’ll text me randomly and be like, ‘I think the time has come,'” Kendall said. “And I want, ‘Doesn’t it depend on me?'”

Chris wanted to joke, “Just your friendly reminder.”

Momagar already has 10 grandchildren from her other children, including two of her youngest daughter, Kylie.

Kendall is currently dating basketball star Devin Booker.

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Meanwhile, in an interview with ET, Courtney Kardashian, a mother of three, opened up about the challenge of trying to have another child with Travis Barker, 42.

“It’s a beautiful thing that we want to happen, but for some women, the journey is a bit difficult,” she said, adding that her sister Kholo was “and emotional.”

The family’s new show “The Kardashians” premieres this Thursday, April 14th

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