August Alsina refutes Jada Pinkett Smith’s book Gossip

In a recent Instagram post, did August Alsina A book about Jada Pinkett Smith refutes rumors?

A few days ago, US Sun broke the story, with a full source claiming that the New Orleans singer is currently writing a book about his “inertia” with the actress. Jada Pinkett Smith .
However, Alsina was clearly annoyed by the fake news and was determined to raise the issue on her social media.

He wrote in a post on his social media that it seemed like a “text message” to skeptics.
Why write a book about your so-called ‘sex life’ with someone in your life?

In 2020, during an interview with radio host Angela Yeo, Alsina revealed her romantic connection with Pinkett Smith.

Of course, following the information given, many stories about the famous artist were introduced in the media.
The infamous Oscar challenge between Will Smith and Chris Rock doesn’t seem to have helped much.

But Alsina will not give up the gas paddle soon. In fact, he has just released a controversial new song called “Shake the World”, in which he briefly touches on the false accusations he had to endure after revealing his relationship with Pinkett Smith.

I heard it kind of shit. When you have a billion dollars in your elevator, it’s bound to fall, Alsina sang. Well, of course, some sh. But, when you get involved with a world-famous choice, it has to go down the drain.

This is not the first time that the singer has used his platform to resolve his relationship with Pinkett Smith. Shortly after the episode “Red Table Talk” aired, Alsina released a song called “Entanglement” featuring Rick Ross.

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