Tom Parker discovered that he had cancer in a heartbreaking moment because he was

The coveted singer died tragically at the age of 33. But, in a tragic execution on Channel 4’s Stand Up to Cancer, Tom made it clear how lonely he was when he discovered he had a brain tumor.
In an emotional and painful discussion, Tom made it clear that his wife, Kelsey, could not stay with him because of restrictions because he realized he believed the doctor had done something wrong.
“No, you did it wrong,” he said, remembering his doctor.
In an interview with Devina McCall, she reflected on a touching point, at least, “Stand-up cancer.” She recalled, “It was an emotional moment. – I was alone in the hospital due to covid restrictions. So no one was with me – I was alone.
The doctors pulled a curtain over my bed and told me I had a brain tumor, and I felt like, ‘No, you’re wrong. That would be a mistake. I am only 32 years old. Made a mistake. ”
Tom presented that cancer could “devour” him if he was not careful, as he had promised to fight for his children.
Cancer can eat you up too fast and too fast. At the beginning of this journey there was a time when I could not get out of bed. I was eating a lot of cancer. That was not the physical aspect of the thing. That was the emotional side of things, “he said.
“I thought, ‘I’m heading for destruction, so what’s the use of calling me out of bed?'”
He broke down when he was told what had happened when he was told he had cancer.
His wife, Kelsey, assured him that Tom had died this morning, surrounded by family and friends.
He writes it with a calm heart; We make sure that Tom leaves peacefully with his entire family today. Our souls are torn apart. Tom was the hub of our world. “We can’t portray life without her contagious smile and emotional existence.
We are deeply grateful for the devotion and love and pray that we all come together so that Tom’s light shines again for his beautiful children.

The final of the ‘Bell Air’ season ended with a big surprise

By Jamie Samhan.

7 hours ago

Spoiler alert: The following article details the end of the “Bell-Air” season.

“Bell-Air” ended in a nasty twist.

After the first season of the play, based on Will Smith’s 90s sitcom “Fresh Prince of Bell Air,” ended, Will (Jabri Banks) told his mother V (April Parker Jones) and Uncle Phil (Adrian Holmes). That his father Lu had abandoned his family.

In a surprise move, Lou (Marlon Owens) returns after spending time in prison, explaining that he does not want his son to see him in prison.

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“Bell-Air” Photo: Peacock

Tony winner Ben Verin played the lead role of Will’s father.

Twitter must have been surprised to see Wayans pop up:

Co-listeners and executive producers TJ spoke with Brady and Rashed Newson Deadline About picking Wayans for the role.

“We knew he would be fine, but he would be amazing,” Newson said. “There are a lot of people who were clear candidates. But we wanted someone to tell the audience, ‘OK, wait a minute.’ We wanted it to feel fresh. We didn’t want anyone to think that the role they played in another series was the same again. “

“Bell-Air” Photo: Peacock

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However, it’s not clear how many Wayans fans Lou will see. Brady has stated that he is not sure “whether he will be regular” and adds “I hope to see him again.”

‘I’m still processing something’ – listen

Chris Rock Being addressed in public has been addressed Will Smith For the first time since the incident at the Oscars on Sunday night.

The comedian was greeted with a long standing ovation when he took to the stage for his sold-out show at the Wilbur Theater in Boston on Wednesday.

“How was your weekend?” He quipped, accordingly Diversity.

“I don’t have a bunch of shit to say about it,” he told the participants. “I wrote a whole show before this weekend. I’m still processing what happened, so at some point, I’ll talk about that shit. That would be serious. It will be funny, but for now, I’m going to tell some jokes. “

He then continued his show, which is part of it Ego Death Tour. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes.

On Sunday, Smith hit Rock in the face on stage after the comedian told a joke about the actor’s wife. Jada Pinkett Smith. “Jada, I love you. GI Gen2Can’t wait to see it, “said Rock, referring to her hair, which was shaved as she struggled with her alopecia.

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Wanda Sykes Oscar Promo

Smith won the Best Actor award for his performance King Richard And he cried while trying to justify his actions during his acceptable speech. The next day he publicly apologized to Rock.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said Wednesday that Smith was asked to leave the show after hitting the rock, but the actor refused. The academy said it was taking disciplinary action against Smith for violating the Code of Conduct.

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Does Dolly Parton have a baby? Why the country star is not a mother

The list of his titles seems longer than the telephone book, but there is one Dolly Parton Missing: Mother. Throughout her incredible, decades-long career, fans have always wondered why the beloved icon and her husband, Carl DeanThere were no children.

Although the musicians never gave a clear reason why they refrained from having children, Dolly exclusively stated: Nearby He did not regret his choice. “God has a plan for everything and I think it was probably His plan for me not to have children, so that everyone can have children,” he shared in October 2017.

USA Academy Award - March 2006
Danny Molloshok / EPA / Shutterstock

Despite having his hands full as one of the busiest performers in country music, Dolly reveals that he and Carl – who tied the knot more than 55 years ago in 1966 – actually played with the idea of ​​having children. “My husband and I, when we first got married, thought if we had children, ‘What would they look like? He says tall, will they be tall? Or will they be small squats like me? ‘”” Jolen “shared with the lyricist Glamor UK In 2014.

Dolly is even disappointed if the couple would have a daughter if their child’s name was “Carla”. “Anyway, we talked about it, and we dreamed it was, but it wasn’t meant to be,” she told the outlet. “Now that we have grown up? We are happy. “

Looking back, Heartstrings The star says although she thinks she would be “a great mother”, she will be forced to take a step back in terms of her Hollywood superstardom. “I would probably give up everything else. Because I would feel guilty about it if I let them go, “Dolly explained.” Everything would have changed. I probably wouldn’t have become a star. “

Although Dolly and Carl never had a chance to enjoy their parents’ happiness, the “Islands in the Stream” singer confirmed that she and her longtime husband are certainly not alone. “There were always a lot of families around us,” Dolly said Daily message Their closest loved ones in December 2018, including Goddata Miley Cyrus. “Many of my younger siblings came to live in Nashville with my husband and me, and some of them went to school there.”


The Grammy winner mentioned that he had “worked with many kids” through his non-profit organization, Imagination Library. “So my husband and I do not regret it,” she insisted.

“Sometimes we think about it and say, ‘Lord, if we had some kids and grandchildren now, they would drive us crazy!'” Dolly quipped. “So that way, we can be each other’s kids.”

Dolly and Carl, who renewed their marriage vows in 2016 for their 50th anniversary, are very close to the children of all her siblings. “I loved their kids as much as they loved my grandchildren, and now I have grandchildren!” The Steel Magnolias They flow People In May 2014.

He added that his nieces and nephews and their children refer to Carl as their “Uncle Pipao” when they call him “Aunt Granny” and “Gigi”. Her relationship with her family was one of the main inspirations when it came time to work on her 2017 children’s album. I have faith in you. All proceeds from the album support Country Superstar’s Imagination Library program, a nonprofit that encourages literacy by providing free books to children.

Will Smith was expelled from the British Prize

It’s been three days, Sunday morning (Spanish time), Will Smith hit Chris Rock live Because of a joke about Jada Pinkett’s alopecia. The actor apologized via Instagram, Jada talked about what happened, and even Jim Carrio condemned the guests’ attitude towards the behavior. However, a bizarre television milestone of these dimensions demands more rest to discover everyone’s opinion. Last? President of BAFTA, British Film Awards.

In an interview for The Hollywood Reporter Sarah Putt, president of the British Film Academy, said she was clear about what would have happened if Smith had done this at BAFTA: “She is OK . It received significant criticism from the Hollywood Academy press and a large section of the public. How is aggression allowed to happen and go unpunished? Faced with the extreme withdrawal of the statue from the actor, many assured him that it would be most successful to not allow him to give his speech and to invite him to quit acting.

In fact, a few weeks ago, Will Smith Won Bafta For Best Actor Williams method , Although he could not lift it because he was not on English soil. Therefore, Putt will not be able to give a speech or collect prizes: “He will not be in the building, so he could not hold the award . “It simply came to our notice then.

On the other hand, Emma Beh, executive director of the BAFTA Awards and Content, makes it clear that this response has no place in Anglo-Saxon entertainment culture. “We do not tolerate any kind of violence. This is a complete red line for us.” He announced in the middle.

In contrast to 2022 Oscar , BAFTA has given the award The power of the dog As the best movie of the night Is leaving CODA With only Best Supporting Actor award for Troy Kotsur.

Shawn Mendes tried to give himself a ‘grace’ during the Camilla Cabello breakup

By Jamie Samhan.

4 hours ago

Sean Mendes is talking about his recent breakup from Camilla Cabello.

Speaking to Sirius XM’s “The Morning Mash Up”, Mendes said he was “trying not to be too hard.” [himself] About feeling “and giving yourself” grace “.

“I think there was a big realization for me that there are a lot of people in my life that I can count on,” he continued. “I don’t just have to put all my troubles on one person.”

For the Canadian singer, Breakup was learning how to “trust” people like friends and family in his life again.

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Mendes finds a balance between dealing with “my own” things and reaching out to his network.

To help address her concerns, Mendes credits meditation for transforming her life into a “real” one.

“I think the thing I didn’t touch enough was how intense my anxiety was at one point in my life and my anxiety was completely controlling my life,” Mendes said.

Adding, “One of the things that really changed my life and changed the course of my life is meditation.”

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The “When You’re Gone” singer knows that meditation may seem “scary” and “evil” but insists “it’s not that complicated.”

“It’s, it’s really easy … and so it’s a big one for me and I will, and I’ll say it forever because I think I owe a lot to meditation,” he said.

Masked thieves David and Victoria enter Beckham’s London mansion

David And Victoria Beckham They were at home when a masked thief broke into their 40 40 million mansion and snatched the designer and electrical goods from the couple.

Soccer Stud, 46, and the former Spice Girls singer, 47, were “unknown” because thieves broke into their upstairs bedroom in west London, a new report released March 30. At the time, David and Victoria were reportedly resting downstairs with daughter Harper.

The couple were at home when masked thieves David and Victoria Beckham enter the London mansion.

Intelligent owl / mega

Together, the couple, who have been married for more than two decades, have four children: son Brooklyn, 23, son Romeo, 19, son Cruz, 17 and 10-year-old daughter Harper.

Their son Cruz picked it up after noticing the man lying on the floor in a messy window with shattered glass from an extra bedroom. He apparently discovered the damage back home after a night with friends.

Masked thief David and Victoria Beckham enter the London mansion while the couple was at home 5

KCS Press / Mega

“He immediately ran to wake his father and searched David’s house if the burglar was still on the premises,” a source told The Sun, calling 999 and explaining the search on the premises. “The family was clearly shaken by what happened. It was very disturbing for them to know that the thief had entered the house while they were at home. ”

Although the kipsacks were stolen from the property, “fortunately, none of the family had emotional value,” the insider added.

And unfortunately, they are not the only houses in the neighborhood that have been attacked by robbers Due to the increase in crime, security measures for local residents have become standard.

Masked thieves David and Victoria Beckham enter the London mansion while the couple was at home 6

KCS Press / Mega

“The Beckhams are the victims of some fairly professional thieves who worked in the area,” the insider continued. “It only made up one bedroom before the criminals escaped.”

According to the outlet, CCTV was captured at the time of the theft and is being reviewed for clues.

That said, the footage shows an intruder “climbing through the front gate of the house.” Later, the intruder “slammed into the room and broke through an extra bedroom window.”