Barry Manilo tested positive for Covid-19, was not present on the opening night

By Mona Khalifa,

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Barry Manilo’s musical instrument, “Harmony”, has just taken a big hit. The 78-year-old singer revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19, forcing her to miss the show’s opening night in New York City – something she said she had been waiting for 25 years.

“I just want to say that I have just tested positive for the Covid-19 and will not be able to participate in tonight’s opening night performance of my new musical, Harmony,” Manilo began in a statement shared with ET. The worst thing that can happen is: I’ve been waiting 25 years for the premiere of this show in New York and I can’t attend. “

Despite the frustration, Manilo encouraged fans to return to Broadway – but to do so safely.

“Even in the face of this epidemic, we New Yorkers are the toughest, hardest people on the planet – so, go see a show after a mask!” He added.

The long-awaited debut of Manila and Bruce Susman’s “Harmony” was postponed several times due to the epidemic before their opening night was scheduled for April 13. The show will run from April 13 to May 8 It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post

Anderson Cooper, the latest celebrity to test positive for the Manila coronavirus, announced earlier this week that he too had been infected with COVID-19 and hoped to return to work soon.

And on Monday, Kelsey Ballerini, who was set to co-host the 2022 CMT Music Awards, revealed that she too tested positive for the coronavirus, forcing her to perform her hosting duties from home.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick also tested positive for the virus last week, forcing them to cancel last Thursday’s performance on the Broadway show, “Plaza Suite.”

Other celebrities who have tested positive for COVID-19 in recent weeks include Daniel Craig, Miley Cyrus, Lynn-Manuel Miranda, Hillary Clinton and many more.

To learn more about the celebrities who have come out in public with their battle with COVID-19, scroll down the gallery below.

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