Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez see the $ 165 million spelling manor after others

By Miguel A. Melendez‍,

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck sway to the fence after their home hunt resumes, and “The Manor!” There is nothing louder than the famous estate known as.

The newlyweds were spotted on Tuesday, if not the most exclusive estate in the vicinity of Reggie Los Angeles in Halloween Hills. The property, which has 123 rooms (14 bedrooms, 27 bathrooms), belonged to Hollywood producer Aaron Spelling (“Beverly Hills 90210”, “Charmed”, “Melrose Place”, “Charlie’s Angels”, “The Love Boat”). And his wife, Spell Socialite Candy.

According to Daily MailSpelling Manor is one of several properties to be visited after buying the house that fell from Escrow earlier this month – with a ্যের 55 million price tag on Lopez and Affleck Bell Air.

Manor is listed at 16 165 million, slightly less than what Benefer would pay for the Bell Air property. It is a 56,000-square-foot home that sits on about five acres and has 100 parking spaces, a bowling alley, a beauty salon, a screening room and even a dedicated gift wrapping room. It took years of spelling to complete the huge house. The wife of the late TV mogul will sell it in 2011 to British heir Petra Ecclestone in a চুক্ত 85 million cash deal. Ecclestone sold the property in 2019 for 120 million.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But before that, a source told ET that the couple wanted a home together in LA and possibly a few other places – noting that they would spend the night together whenever they could, so having a home was important to them because it would be easy. .

At the time, the source added that finding a home together was “the next step in their relationship, since they’ve both been in it for a long time.” Shortly after the source leaked the information to ET, Lopez announced that Affleck had offered him the singer’s “favorite place on earth” and his “lucky color”, green, with an engagement ring.

The source said Lopez and Affleck were “looking forward to making the house their own and to have a place together” and that they were “planning to sort it out together – whatever renovations they choose to make will be theirs together.”

When it comes to decor, the source said “Jane is definitely leading the way in home decor, but they want to implement both of their styles so that everyone feels comfortable going home and this new chapter of their lives.”

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