Ben Affleck has invited his ex-wife to marry Jennifer Lopez

Another day, Jennifer Lopez He has delighted the fans by announcing that he is getting married Fool And showing a luxurious ring with a pale green diamond

Lovers are not in a hurry to reveal the details of the upcoming celebration. There is no doubt that the marriage will be gorgeous. It is already known who the couple invited.

Ben Affleck is divorced Jennifer Garner In 2018. The stars have three children. Lopez is raising twins with Mark Anthony. All children will play an important role in the wedding ceremony. This is especially important for the bride and groom, as they will all become part of a larger family.

Future wives also want to marry Jennifer Garner. An inside source told HollywoodLife. The stars are in good condition, so it is quite possible that the actress will accept the invitation of her ex-husband.

“Lopez and Garner respect each other. They talked a lot. They both understand that thanks to the marriage, they will become part of each other’s family,” the unnamed source said, adding that Affleck’s ex-wife responded positively to the engagement and congratulated the couple.

The insider further said that the lovers are planning to organize a big celebration and will not spend money for it. True, they have not yet decided on a date.

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