Beneficiary engaged? Jennifer Lopez was spotted wearing a huge ring

A charm for the second time? Jennifer Lopez Rumors of an engagement spread when he was spotted wearing a huge diamond ring on his left hand.

Monday, dMarry me The actress, 52, went shopping for furniture with her daughter. We do not, And her sparkler was in full display when she browsed for items in a photo obtained by TMZ. As she walked out of the store, her ring flipped over so that the diamond was on the palm of her hand.


It is speculated that Jennifer and her mini-m were picking up some items for the luxurious new 20,000-square-foot Bell-air estate that the singer recently bought with her boyfriend. Fool.

The A-list couple will have spacious 10-bedroom, 17-bathroom, all the amenities that their mixed family dream of, including a private theater, a gym, multiple kitchens, a large two-person pool in addition to a backyard pool. Bathtub and jacuzzi

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As expected, fans are curious if Ben, 49, pops the question to Jennifer again in their revived romance. The Gigli The actor famously proposed to his ex-coaster in 2002, but they ended their marriage in September 2003 before confirming the divorce in early 2004.

By May 2021, J. Lo and Ben were enjoying each other’s company again after their breakup from their ex-fianc Alex RodriguezWhom he has dated for four years.

The Selina The actress has since revealed how they were able to get back together almost two decades later.

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“You have to do what you like all the time. But at the same time, you learn from the past, you do better the second time, “he told the New York Times in a profile published on February 1.

“There’s a part of it that, yes, we’re together,” Jennifer added. “But there’s a part of it that you don’t know. We’re just as open-minded as we were many years ago when we were very young and fell in love.”

Now that he’s getting stronger with Ben again, Jay. Lowe said he still has no regrets about the way things have unfolded

“You can’t live and think things are just wrong: I’ve messed up there, I’ve messed up there. No, that’s all there is to it. ” Blue shades The star has been shared. “From this you can really extrapolate what will help you grow up and go to the next level of self-understanding, find yourself and be at peace in your life, who you can be at peace with.”

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