Berry Gordy, Smoky Robinson Friendship: Pictures for years

Motown became an extremely popular label thanks to the late 50’s Berry Gordy And Smoky Robinson. The dynamic duo was able to write and record some of the biggest hits for artists like Temptations, Marvin Gay and Mary Wells. It is not surprising that their friendship lasted for more than six decades.

The father of eight helped Smokey get his big break after reuniting with his band, The Miracles. According to the “One Heartbeat” singer’s official website, Smokey suggested that Berry launch his own record label. The Miracles R&B chart was the first of their best-selling songs under the hit “Shop Around” label. It was just the beginning of a lifelong bond.

“Before Motown started, Berry said, ‘I’m going to work with you and your group,’ and he turned my whole life around,” Smoky said. Vanity Fair In December 2008. “I played him about 20 of my songs and he was critical of each song. He told me a song should be a short book, a short movie or a short story. He taught me how to compose my songs. “

The pair dominated the music industry with their skills. Smoky wrote hit songs such as “My Girl,” “Get Ready,” and “My Guy,” and was nominated vice president of Motown. His influence on the company is something for which Berry is forever grateful.

“He was the first. My first artist in Motown, my first writer, my first producer, who wrote company songs that focused on our goals, “said the music mogul. Billboards In June 2017. “That’s why we call him ‘Soul of Motown’ and he’s still my best friend.”

Both Berry and Smoky have led incredible careers with Motown, which was sold to MCA in 1988, New York Times. Both have been inducted into the Kennedy Center Honors, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, helped launch Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 careers and will always be known as pioneers of R&B and the spirit genre.

Keep scrolling through the years to see pictures of Berry and Smoky’s friendship.

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