Betty Maxwell helps Kelsey Dolin break her nerves for the incredible ‘American’

By Corey Atad.

1 minute ago

Sometimes it takes two to shine.

On Sunday night’s “American Idol,” the judges teamed up with former Miss America Betty Maxwell, Kelsey Dolin, to fight for her confidence.

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“It’s important to sound good as a team, but I also want Kelsey to shine like himself,” said Maxwell.

Perry added to Dolin, “You’re such a diamond in the rough. And all you have to do is shake off that dust. ”

Although Dolin still says, “I’m grateful that Katie and Betty trust me. If only I had believed in myself. “

Kelsey Dolin - Photo: ABC / Eric McCandless
Kelsey Dolin – Photo: ABC / Eric McCandless

But when it came time to perform, the pair seemed to do better than anyone could have expected.

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Dolin and Mauel sang a performance of Pink’s “Just Give Me a Reason” that actually made Lionel Ritchie cry.

“I was worried for a while because I thought you wouldn’t get on the show,” Richie told Dulin. “But you broke what you did tonight. You were the melody and the attitude and the choreography and now who are you?

Betty Maxwell - Photo: ABC / Eric McCandless
Betty Maxwell – Photo: ABC / Eric McCandless

Perry added to Maxwell, “You helped bring it out of him, and no matter how far you go, I think you’ve found something you can build for the rest of your life, because you finally believe in yourself.” “

And with that strong performance, both Dolin and Maxwell are heading to the next round of the “American Idol” competition.

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