‘Beyond Excited’: Nova Scotia Women Win ‘Danger’!

Nova Scottish “Danger!” Fans are celebrating after a big win at a local talent game show.

Matia Roach, now a 23-year-old Nova Scotian living in Toronto, won $ 32,001 in Tuesday night’s episode – beating two other contestants.

During the “double danger”! In the round, Mattea Nova received a question about the Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, and she made a point that she “couldn’t do it wrong” because it was her home province.

He returned Wednesday night to defend his title.

Roach graduated from Sacred Heart School in Halifax in 2015 and his family still lives in Halifax and Cape Breton.

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Roach announced on Twitter that he would be on the show on Tuesday.

She tweeted that she felt “incredibly supported” when her family, living in Marion Bridge, NS, posted a sign in their grocery store, wishing her good luck on the show.

Matthew’s mother, Patty McKinnon, said she was excited for her daughter with “a little healthy concern.”

McKinnon said “Joypardy!” It wasn’t a long-term dream for Matthias, but it was something he had made up his mind about during the epidemic.

“What he was saying was that he really misses the competition,” McKinnon said.

According to McKinnon, Roach competed in debates while at high school and university, “at a very high level.”

“She is OK. He wants to learn everything he can. “

While her daughter’s desire to be on the show wasn’t that surprising, McKinnon said she’s glad to know Matia has been cast.

“I was overwhelmed. I was thrilled that he was going to get that opportunity. “

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The family learned that Roach would be in “danger”! Back in January, and three weeks later he had to stay in Los Angeles to tap. However, they had to keep it a secret until two weeks ago.

“We’ve been waiting a long time … It’s very exciting as the day of the broadcast approaches.”

He said his family was “very fond of the show” although McKinnon acknowledged that they had been watching it less frequently since Alex Trebek’s death.

“But we’re definitely super-fans back now, and watching every day,” he said.

McKinnon said he did not know anyone else who was “dangerous!” This was, so the family now thinks they are part of an exclusive club, he joked.

Although he could not reveal how Mattia did in the competition, he said his daughter liked the experience.

“He said his whole experience was great. The production team was great, so we can expect that.”

In a message to Global News, Roach’s aunt Amy described him as “a rare gem of a risky competitor.”

“We’re so excited!” Wrote his aunt.

On Tuesday night, Roach clashed with California-based high school teacher Cameron Connors and Kathleen Snyder, a government contractor from Virginia.

Many former “Danger!” The contestants also came to wish Roach well.

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