Bill Maher asks Thorn’s concern: ‘What are you upset about?’

By Brent Fordick.

2 minutes ago

Bella Thorne joined Bill Maher in her “Club Random” podcast, where she told the “real time” host how her struggles with anxiety led her to start her own cannabis company, Forbidden Flowers.

“I fell into the weeds because of a serious stomach problem and anxiety,” Thorne told Maher. “Like paralyzed anxiety and weeds really changed my life.”

Maher, however, was curious as to what was at the root of his problem.

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“What are these kids and concerns? What’s the cause of all the anxiety? ”He asked.

“I remember everything,” Thorne replied. “The way the world is now is constantly worse, worse, worse wherever you look.”

Maher, however, did not buy that explanation.

“I think it’s a very contrived argument because your generation doesn’t know what’s going on in the world!” Dr. Maher. “So how can you be that king who is worried about what is happening on earth! I know what’s going on in the world! I should be worried! I follow it, you kids don’t follow it. You do not know what is going on in the world! Are you upset? “

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Thorne, however, insisted that his generation was not out of touch with what was happening in the world, telling Maher that “we are listening to it and we are vocal about it.”

Kuiped Maher: “I think the lives of many people who are most concerned are the most advantageous. See your life! Everyone wants it. Everyone wants to be yours. “

That quote containing those comments can be seen below; The full hour plus conversation can be seen in the video above.

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