Billie Eilish has been recorded doing her business to respond to her calls

Singer Billy Ilish No one wants to be allowed to lose her self-esteem and this is how she reacted to a TikTok user who criticized the costumes she chose for the Oscars.

Billy Ilish From getting enough comfort on her own skin, she was able to wear whatever she wanted, whether it was the baggy outfit she was famous for or the corset she wore on the cover of Vogue last year. She No one will let him lose his self-esteem.

On March 27, the interpreter of ‘Bad Guy’ was present Oscar Gala, where he won the Best Original Song award, Dressed in a black Gucci Dress decorated with endless ruffles Which puts him on the list of the best And wearing the worst clothes of the night .

Now Billy has learned that a tic-tac-toe video, made by a so-called ‘fashion insider’, puts him in exactly the second category and Her red carpet criticizes the mistake, though using much more obscene language.

He took the comment with humor and responded to other publications through the same platform. Seems to be sitting on the toilet, her underwear and pants down, and really relieving herself, or at least she confirmed.

“I didn’t have enough of my shit. I’m shitting right now,” was how he subtitled the recording.

Hilsa, on the other hand, is the youngest person to compose a composition song for the James Bond franchise and the youngest person to win an Emmy and a Golden Globe for the same song for his theme ‘No Time to Die’. But her recent win at the Oscars for Best Original Song has undoubtedly given her successful career another status.

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