Black China has made important statements about its trial against the Kardashians

Black China has made an important statement about its trial against the Kardashians. See what he meant below.

Someone said: ‘Don’t bring a knife to fight the song, like Vladimir Putin in Sweetheart Chris LA,’ and one commenter posted it: ‘Focus on being a mother tomorrow, girl, and stop looking at the pockets.’

Someone else said: ‘She couldn’t get a brother to help with the child so she went after her sister and mother,’ and one commenter posted this message: I was able to get it out of my pocket. ‘

One follower said: ‘She doesn’t have to worry about a babysitter having BC trials on weekdays,’ and one commenter posted this: ‘Didn’t she reveal that her babies only stay on Sundays and Mondays?’

Someone else said: ‘Shouldn’t she be ready for the kids to come tomorrow?’ And one commenter posted this: ‘She’s never been with her kids but wants to use them in all statements. Just pack it up for fans and that’s it.’

One fan said: ‘Their kids don’t need to know this. They’d be fine without that piece of information, ‘and one commenter posted it:’ I: “Hello Dream Grandma, lend me a few million dollars for your big baby.”

In other recent news, it seems Rob Kardashian Has made an impressive move for the mother of her baby Black China For their daughter. He checked out that great gesture.

‘It’s a wrap! After years of legal battles with #RobKardashian #BlacChyna, if you think about it, he filed a defamation suit against her in September 2017, claiming that she used an iPhone charger cord after using drugs and alcohol. Tried to suffocate him, ‘The Shade’ room note.

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