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Britney Spears Pregnant.

The ‘toxic’ hitmaker – who was released last year from an archive that gave her father Jamie Spears control over her financial, healthcare and professional decisions – has shared that she is hoping for a new addition to her family with her husband. Sam Asgari But at first she thought she was just “food pregnant”.

The 40-year-old pop star – who was fitted with a contraceptive device as part of the controversial legal system – wrote on Instagram on Monday (11.04.22): “So I did a pregnancy test … and uhhhh well … I have a baby [baby emoji] … 4 days later I got pregnant a little more food [pregnant woman emoji] [three monkey covering eyes emoji] It’s growing !!! If 2 is there… I can lose it [six anxious face emoji]I obviously wouldn’t go out so much as to get the money for the paps [cash emoji] My shots [camera emoji] As unfortunate as they are already …

Brittany – who already has two sons with her ex, Kevin Federlin, Shawn Preston, 16, and Jaden, 15 – admitted that she experienced mental health problems during her previous pregnancy when “women didn’t talk about it”.

She said: “It’s difficult because I had postpartum depression when I was pregnant. I have to say it’s terrible. [sad emoji] … Women didn’t talk about it then… some people thought it was dangerous if a woman complained about having a baby inside her… but now women talk about it every day ধ thanks to Jesus we don’t have to keep that pain secret [shh emoji] [three anxious face emoji] This time I will be doing yoga [yoga emoji] Every day !!! Spread a lot of joy and love [two pink hearts emoji] !!!

The ‘circus’ hitmaker was inspired to find out after her recent trip to Hawaii and wondering what had happened to her stomach. “I lost so much weight on my Maui trip just to get it back [three shrug emojis]I thought “Giz … what happened to my stomach ???” My husband said, “No, you’re pregnant [crazy eyes emoji] !!! ”

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