Brooke Shields Bikini Photo: Picture of her best swimsuit

For over 40 years, Brooke Shields She has covered fashion magazines, starred in blockbuster movies and television shows, and started her own business. The Suddenly Susan The actress is known for her effortlessly beautiful looks and likes to post pictures in stylish bikinis while she spends time in the water.

Brooke talks openly about embracing her body and why she enjoys growing up in an interview with April 2019 People.

“I’m not going back to 25,” he said. “It was great, but now I feel much more comfortable in my own life and in my own skin and in my own happiness. I now feel better about all the elements and areas of my life.”

In June 2021, Laws and orders Alam poses for a beach photo with her two daughters, Rowan and Greer, which she shares with her husband. Chris Henchi. The trio wore Gingham swimsuits as they posed for pictures together. The mother of two is very close to her daughters, who are her mini-messes.

Brooke’s youngest daughter also followed in her footsteps, appearing with him on several modeling shots. The mother-daughter pair posed together in April 2022 for the Victoria’s Secret Intergenerational Mother’s Day campaign. Sharing the moment with her daughter was very special for Brooke, who has always shared with her fans on social media about her kids’ greatest achievement.

“It was very emotional, and it felt like I was watching my baby girl grow up in front of my eyes,” said a local New Yorker. Style At the time, it was a moment of pride to be able to be a model with my daughter for such a meaningful campaign. It is a testament to Victoria’s Secret dedication to celebrating all the women in such dynamic women with such beautiful mother-daughter accounts. “

Above being a doting mom, Jane the Virgin The star has established her own wellness brand in 2021 called Beginning Is Now. The company’s official website is full of yoga videos, body-positive blogs, inspirational quotes and beautiful pictures of Brooke who are most important to her.

Keep scrolling to see the stunning bikini photos of Brooke.

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