Caitlin Jenner finally meets Pete Davidson, says the ‘best part’ is how ‘happy’

By Jamie Samhan.

1 minute ago

Caitlin Jenner has finally met Pete Davidson.

Jenner paused through the “Full Send” podcast where she shared that Kim Kardashian and Davidson came to her place so they could finally meet face to face.

Jenner began praising Kardashian as “different from what people see her” and “dedicated mother.”

He then went to meet Davidson and got the “problem” because he called him “Peter”.

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“It’s not Peter, it’s Pete,” Jenner recalls. “I was just trying to be polite.”

“She seemed like a pretty person,” he said, noting that David needed to “work” on Hillary Clinton’s tattoos.

Jenner continued, “The best part was … Kim seemed very happy.”

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The interview comes when “Good Morning America” ​​spoke to Kardashian where he said he was feeling “at peace” with Davidson.

“I’m definitely a relationship type girl, and I wouldn’t be with anyone if I didn’t plan to spend a lot of my time with them,” Kim shared. “Of course, I want to take my time, but I am very happy and very satisfied. And, it feels good to be at peace. “

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