Camilla Cabello addresses the fifth Harmony breakup in the new song “Psychofreak”

By Mikel Melo.

13 minutes ago

Camilla Cabello’s new album Family Today the singer has been left out and is not shying away from tackling personal issues such as his separation from Sean Mendes, his struggles with mental health and his departure from Fifth Harmony.

In her new single, Psychofreak, Camilla calls on Willow Smith to come up with this fun but spooky pop track. Sexy and uncomfortable music videos show the two denying gravity and confronting their own inner monsters. Explaining the basis of the song, Cabello said that “Psychofreak” is “a variety of things that have traveled with my concerns and started a really young journey in the industry.”

In the second verse of “Psychofreak”, Camilla apparently speaks of her separation from Fifth Harmony, which became very messy after Camilla announced her departure in December 2016.

Camilla sang “Everyone says they miss me old, I’ve been on this ride since I was 15,” and then added, “I don’t blame the girls for how it went down.” The lyric not only refers to the age when he formed the group in “X-Factor USA” by Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears and LA Reid, but also drops the first single name of Fifth Harmony as a group. Of the four, except Camilla, “down”. She further added that she “doesn’t blame the girls” for how the situation unfolded, where harmonizers are cheering everywhere, their favorite girl group seems to be in good shape again.

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Cabello advised Reuters that he and the daughters of Fifth Harmony – Normani, Lauren Zouregui, Ally Brook and Dina Jane – had stopped.

“We have supported each other like the DM and the staff,” he said “I’m in a really good place with them.”

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