Camilla Cabello talks about break up with Fifth Harmony in her new song

Singer Camilla’s hair Wanted to settle rumors of alleged bad relationship between his ex The fifth similarity Companions to his new song titled ‘Psychofric’.

In her new song ‘Psycho Freak’, Camilla Cabello did not hesitate to mention her controversial break from the Fifth Harmony Group in 2016. He has collaborated with Will Smith’s daughter Willow.

More specifically, Shawn wanted to point to Mendes’ earlier rumors. Alleged bad relationships that exist among its members The singer “does not blame” for the band’s demise.

“Everyone says they miss me old / but I’ve been on this ride since I was 15 years old. So I’m not blaming the girls for what happened “Reads a verse from a new song by a Cuban-born artist, which he made clear in a previous interview that his The bond with Dina Jane, Ally Brook, Normani and Lauren Zourgui is much more cordial. Than to understand anything.

Although years passed and how their professional paths logically severed their friendship, the fact is that Camilla had already made it clear at the time that resentment and bad desires never found a place in the general mobility of former band members. , Not during the day The fifth similarity Or on stage right after the team disappears.

“I never liked drama or conflict. I feel like we’re in a good place, girls and me. I saw Norman at the Billboard Gala and we got caught. I told her I was so happy for her. I don’t remember the last time I saw others. But I think it’s been a long time, and we can see things from afar. “We’re fine, and we don’t have time for such rumors,” Camilla said in 2018.

Girl bands have set trends in the music industry, either because of the lyrics, the outgoing videos or the incredible looks of the members who always give something to talk about.

Since their birth in the ‘The X Factor’ program, they have been ranked third and have had great success. 5 females marked before and after; They enjoyed world tours and much more, but as with everything that started, the band had a fracture and, as a result, a certain breakup.

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