Camilla wore a blue and white dress during the Duchess of Cornwall Maundy.

This is the Duchess of Camilla, Cornwall. She is 74 years old and looks great in a navy and white striped dress coat for Moundy Thursday at St. George’s Chapel! When the queen had to leave, she brought Prince Charles.

The dress-coat is mostly blue, but the duchess has two white stripes on each side.
The dress looks blue under the coat, but the collars are white.
The Duchess of Cornwall wears a large navy hat with a white bow over it. This is how it looks:
The Camilla Navy hat is very impressive. It has navy leaves embroidered on it and it is very well made.

In the middle of the hat, a white bow makes it more attractive.
White and blue are the colors of Camilla’s dress-coat, so the white and blue hat with the same color makes her look great.
Camilla also wears her favorite pearl earrings, which have a drop pearl in the middle of a circle of other gems.
For her civic wedding to the Prince of Wales on April 9, 2005, she chose the earrings she wore on her wedding day.

The Duchess wore her four-legged necklace with a round diamond necklace as her necklace.
One of Camilla’s most important jewels, this necklace consists of four strands of pearls joined together by a round necklace of diamonds in a circular pattern.
She often wears this necklace when she wears a pearl choker on a day occasion.
With her four strand pearl necklace it looks like she has also added a navy channel bag.

When the Duchess went to St. George’s Chapel, she took her blue Chanel Coco top handle bag with her. It costs 3,350.
He has used this bag a lot in recent events.
Royal fans went on social media to admire Camilla’s appearance.

ব্যক্তি Quinn Kate on Twitter says: “I love how happy she looks in this movie.”
An Instagram user named Camilla 17071947 said: “No one can lift a big hat like Camilla.”
Twitter user LunaB65353431 says: “Wow, Camilla looks amazing in a big hat! She looks so cute!”

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