Canadian Screen Awards: Children and Animation, Lifestyle and Winners Announced

By Brent Fordick.

13 minutes ago

As Canadian Screen Week continues, the Canadian Academy announces more winners of the 2022 Canadian Screen Awards.

So far, prizes have been presented for winners in the categories of Sports Programming, Digital and Immersive, Broadcast News and Documentary and Factual, and this year’s winners in the categories of Children and Animation and Lifestyle and Reality were announced on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s big winner was the “Canadian Drag Race”, which received six Canadian Screen Awards, including the Best Reality / Competition Program of the Series.

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Other notable winners include “Corner Gas Animated (Best Animated Program or Series Winner),” Mary Makes It Easy (Best Lifestyle Program or Series) and ET Canada, who took CSA for Best Entertainment News Program or Series.

The Canadian Screen Week takes place April 4-10, with the Cinematic Arts Awards on April 8 and the main event – the Canadian Screen Awards – being televised on April 10 at 8pm ET, CBC.

The full list of Wednesday’s winners can be seen below:

The Children and Animation Award, presented by the Shaw Rocket Fund, is supported by 9 Story Media Group

Best Performance, Animation (Sponsor | WildBrain)
“Brave Knight”
CBC (CBC) (Big Bad Boo Studio) – Rupel

Best writing, animation
“Happy House of Freightenstein” – “Hide and Seek”
Family Junior (WildBrain) (Headspinner Productions Inc.) – Ken Coopers, Sandy Jobin-Bevans

Best sound, animation
“PAW Patrol” – “Moto Pops: Pops vs Rough-Rough Pack”
TVOKids (TVO) (Spin Master Entertainment) Richard Spence-Thomas, Timothy Muerhead, Mitch Connors, Luke Dante, Kyle Peters, Ryan
Ongaro, Paton Rodriguez

The best basic music, animation
“Let’s go to Luna!” – “Gaucho’s Path”
TVOKids (TVO) (Brown Bag Films, 9 Story Media Group) – Ari Posner, Amin Bhatia, Chris Kuzdak

Best management, animation
“Corner Gas Animated” – “Hunt for Dread October”
CTV Comedy (Bell Media) (Truth Films, Sparrow Media) – Stephen Evans

Best animated shorts
“Angakusajauzuk: The Shaman’s Apprentice” – Zacharias Kunuk, Neil Christopher, Nadia Mike,
Jonathan Frantz

Best Animated Program or Series (Sponsor | Sheridan College)
“Corner Gas Animated”
CTV Comedy (Bell Media) (Vérité Films, Sparrow Media) – Brent Butt, Virginia Thompson, Andrew Carr, Jensen Roculan, Joel Gregorio, Jonas Diamond, Robert De Lint, Casey Pite, Marilyn McCauley

Tribute to the Board of Directors of the Academy
Comiso won

Best Performance, Children or Youth
Family Channel (WildBrain) (Sinking Ship Entertainment) – Sara Chowdhury

Best writing, child or youth
“Odd Squad Mobile Unit” – “Mission & Possible” / “Nature of Sandbist”
TVOKids (TVO) – Mark de Angeles, Eric Toth

Best instruction, child or youth
“The Hardy Boys” – “What Happened at Bridgeport”
YTV (Corus Entertainment) (Lambur Productions) – Melanie Orr

Shaw Rocket Fund Kids Choice Award
“Miss Persona”
Treehouse TV (Cross Entertainment) (Nelvana Limited)

Best Pre-School Program or Series (Sponsor | Cross Entertainment)
“PAW patrol”
TVOKids (TVO) (Spin Master Entertainment) – Jennifer Dodge, Ronen Harry, Keith Chapman, Ursula Ziegler-Sullivan, Laura Clooney, Tony Stevens, Jonah Stroh, Dan Mockley, Pascal LeBlanc,

The best child or youth non-fiction program or series
“All-Round Champion”
TVOKids (TVO) (marblemedia) – Matthew Hornberg, Mark JW Bishop, Donna Luke, Steve Sloan, Michael A. Don, Andra Johnson
Duke, Jim Bell, Marnie Malabar

Best Child or Youth Fiction Show or Series (Sponsor | Spin Master Entertainment)
“Hardy Boys”
YTV (Cross Entertainment) (Lambur Productions) – Joan Lambur, Jason Stone, Peter Mohan, Athena Jorgaclis, Pam Westman, Doug Murphy, Paula J. Smith

Lifestyle and Reality Awards, presented by CTV

The best talk show or series
“Artists and Icons: Indigenous Entertainers in Canada”
Global (Cross Entertainment) (Entertainment Tonight Canada) – John Campbellis, Jody Davis, Laura Carroll, Bob Pagrach, Steven Banks, Shreya Khanna, Stephen Krajinovich, Julia Lennox, Craig McRae, Kate Moraitz, Kate Moraitz, Heather Seamen, Emily Thompson

The best variety or entertainment special
“Canadian Drag Race Anniversary Extravaganza”
Crew (Bell Media) (Bell Media Studio) – Manny Gronvelt, John Simpson, Natalie Lambert, Marcel Edwards, Jennifer Sue

The best entertainment news program or series
“Entertainment Tonight Canada”
Global (Cross Entertainment) (Entertainment Tonight Canada)

Best Morning Show
“Breakfast Television”
CTV (Rogers Sports & Media) (Rogers Media Inc.) – Laura Ritter, Rob Highness

Best host, talk show or entertainment news
“CBC Arts: Exhibitors” –
CBC (CBC) (CBC) – Amanda Paris

Best Host, Lifestyle
“Mary makes it easy.”
CTV Life (Bell Media) (Proper Television) – Mary Berg

Best Host, Live Entertainment Special
“From Ontario to Love: Celebrating Hope”
TVO (BT / A Advertising) – Arisa Cox, Andrew Phung

The best live entertainment special
“2021 Juno Awards”
CBC (CBC) (Insight Production Limited) – Alan Reed, Mark Cohen, John Branton, Lindsay Cox, Jordan Evans, Matthew Burnett, Palm D.
Montmorency, Tracy Galvin, Christine Pleu, Mike Langevin

Best writing, lifestyle or reality / competition
“Canada Drag Race” – “Scream”
Crave (Bell Media) (Salon Media / Blue Ant Studios Canada) – Brandon Ash Mohammed

Best photo editing, reality / competition
“Canada’s Drag Race” – “The Snatch Game”
Crew (Bell Media) (Saloon Media / Blue Ant Studios Canada) – Baun Mah

Best sound, non-fiction
“Oscar Peterson: Black + White”
Crew (Bell Media) (Melbourne Entertainment Group) – Doug McClement, Richard Spence-Thomas, Teresa Moro, Gary Vaughn

Best production design or art direction, non-fiction
“Blown away” – “Mirror, mirror”
Netflix (Netflix) (marblemedia) – Team Look

Best Achievement in Casting, Non-Fiction
“Canada Drag Race”
Crew (Bell Media) (Salon Media / Blue Ant Studios Canada) – Heather Muir

Best photography, lifestyle or reality / competition
“Big Brother Canada” – “Premier”
Global (Cross Entertainment) (Insight Production Limited) – Alex Nadon

Best Lifestyle Program or Series (Sponsor | Cross Entertainment)
“Mary makes it easy.”
CTV Life (Bell Media) (Proper Television) – Alison Grace, Kathy James, Lesia Capone, Mary Berg, David Donohue, Michelle Lee

Best directions, lifestyle or information
“Artists and Icons: Indigenous Entertainers in Canada”
Global (Cross Entertainment) (Entertainment Tonight Canada) – Ryan Carter

The best direction, reality / competition
“Canada Drag Race” – “Below Big Top”
Crew (Bell Media) (Salon Media / Blue Ant Studios Canada) – Shelagh O’Brien

Best Reality / Competition Program or Series (Sponsor | Crew)
“Canada Drag Race”
Crew (Bell Media) (Salon Media / Blue Ant Studios Canada) – Pam McNair, Betty Orr, Trevor Boris, Laura Mikalshishin, Michael Cote, Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato, Tom Campbell, Rupel Charles, Justin Stockmanz, Jane

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