Cardi B deleted his Twitter account after a fight with several followers

At the Grammys, Cardi b Although not present, many of his followers have blamed him on social networks, assuring him that he is putting his children ahead of his responsibilities as a music star.
The Grammy Awards, the most important awards in the recording industry, were held this Sunday. However, many Cardi B fans were disappointed to learn that he would not join in the end.
The rapper, for his part, is also dissatisfied with a certain section of his followers because of their reaction that he will not be seen at the Las Vegas event. Yet, what breaks her most is that many people have expressed their frustration with her husband Ella Offset and her two children, thinking that her famous mother chose to stay home last night.
I’m going to delete Twitter, but I don’t like this stupid fan base very much. You must be the most irrational, scolding my kids because they thought I was going to Grammy, and I didn’t.
What’s wrong with them? When did I realize that I was going to go? This is madness. I can’t wait any longer. I have to save myself, “Cardi confirmed before the gala started that he had read a lot of unpleasant messages in the last hours.
I wouldn’t go to an awards ceremony if I didn’t have the guts to perform a song or release a new album; The following year, “he added.
Cardi B finally kept her word and shut down her Twitter account, where she was recently pressured to release a new album to mimic the success of her first film, The Privacy Attack.
This weekend the artist denounced those who do not hesitate to remind him that almost four years have passed since his last work, confirming that he has never betrayed them or assuring them that he will soon release non-free music.

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