Cardi B shares her son’s adorable first picture, revealing his name

By Miguel A. Melendez‍,

1 minute ago

Cardi B gave fans a hefty dose of cunning overload with the first look at her and the offset baby boy!

The “I Like It” rapper took to Instagram on Thursday and shared two photos showing her 7-month-old son sitting on a comfortable rocker and wearing a baby blue puffer jacket, a matching beanie and white kick-eyed clothes. The baby flashed in multiple ways, thanks to an icy chain with a pendant that shows a smiling blue shark riding in a diamond-studded wave. The baby boy also appears to have had an ear pierced.

No caption was required for the boy’s official identity with the world. Cardi has chosen a few emojis. The response to the pictures, naturally, impressed everyone in the comments section. One wrote, “Homi looks like he bought a tape to throw away.” Another fan commented, “OMG! Adorable! All you have to do is make a hit and make beautiful kids! iamcardib. “

Offset also shared a beautiful photo revealing their son’s name.

“Wave set Cephas,” Offset wrote.

It was just over a month ago when Cardi gave fans a small peek at her and her offset second child. A small peek – a super zoom-in picture that looked like a baby’s eye – was the reaction of a fan wondering why Cardi didn’t share a picture of her newborn.

Cardi was basically A lament tweet Her then 6-month-old was cutting her teeth in gum pain. “Oh, if only I could get rid of my sweet baby’s toothache. He was sad all day, “he wrote to his followers. A fan took the opportunity to ask Cardi why he had not yet posted a picture of his child. Writing That baby’s “teeth are coming and we haven’t seen him yet.”

In response, Cardi jokingly tweeted a close-up photo with the caption, “This is what you get.” Cardi, who has not yet revealed her son’s name to the world, welcomed him and offset’s infant son in September.

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