Charlene wins second gala of “To Cara Me Suena”, and “Steals” in Ninel Cond

A night where there was no shortage of surprises on Univision’s Sunday reality show.

In the second gala of ‘Tu Cara Mein Suena 2’, Charlene won through her great performance as Camilo, and ‘Steal’ in the role of Kika Edgar in the Nile Condন্ড.

The second gala still surpasses the first with a few changes, such as the Joker’s personality, talent, discipline, professionalism and a production that misses no details.

The night begins with Yahir and Marco Antonio Solis. However, its features were flawless. Since last week, Judge, Angelica Vale, Victor Manuel, Charitin Gayco, And Eden Munoz , Claiming the same thing from last week, adding the soundtrack they had to explain because they saw Yahir a lot. However, when he qualified with the points, they gave him some notable things, which did not reflect the return they were giving him.

Helen Ochoa’s Lady Gaga performance was one of the best beats of the night, or at least the moment she branded the most except Charlene, and the judges told her she was able to get out of her comfort zone. Did she dance, sing, dress up, or even get the voice of her main character at night? Yet, despite the considerable praise, when the judges qualify, they come to give him two 3’s, his lowest point.

Again, Michael Stuart is awesome in the character of Mark Anthony. The judges again told her that she had joined her singer in all possible ways, ‘he said. A bell is ringing in your face2 ‘However, he did not win the point because he considered several advantages: he was a salsa singer, worked with Mark Anthony as his backup singer and knew all the secrets.

Once again, Michael Stuart achieved perfection by playing the character of Mark Anthony . The judges told him that again She represents the spirit of ‘Tu Kara Mein Suwena 2’ By all means manage to get her singer. However, He did not win the points because they considered several advantages: he worked with a salsa singer, Mark Anthony. As his backup singer, and knows all his secrets.

Another moment from Kika Edgar’s hand My Laferte It seemed to come from a horror movie, but not because it was horrible, but because it was so good so it was horrible. This is what Eden Moose told him, telling her not to come in front of him at night because she had threatened him with death. That’s why he was at the top of the qualification with Charlene and the two competed for the first position so he could be the winner in the end.

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