Chloe Cherry of ‘Euphoria’ is about having a Sugar Daddy before and is currently watching

By Jamie Samhan.

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Chloe Cherry is sharing lessons she learned while dating Sugar Dad

The “Euphoria” star stops by Nick Vial’s “Vial Files” podcast where he talks about how he used a “bunch” of Sugar Daddy.

“I don’t have a sugar daddy anymore,” he explained. “I still talk to that sugar daddy as a friend, but we’re just friends now.”

He described the relationship with older men as “like dating without dating for a variety of reasons.”

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“They are, again, providing something for you, so you are literally dating based on what they are providing for you, which I think a lot of people do in normal dating. But at least with Sugar Daddy, it’s just rich guys who want to spend their money just for you, “said Cherry. “I had a bunch of different people to talk to and stuff with. I will always choose the funny one. Even if you’re going to be my sugar daddy, I want you to laugh at me. “

Chloe Cherry.  Photo: Eric Charbonniu / Shutterstock
Chloe Cherry. Photo: Eric Charbonniu / Shutterstock

Cherry said men were “better” than men in that she was actually interested.

Cherie, who was with Sugar’s father, also taught him to have a “level of acceptance of treatment.”

“I would never again accept a person who at least doesn’t want to try to take care of me in any way and doesn’t really try to be brave in any way,” he said.

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It also sets the bar for her future relationship.

“Why should I accept it when I know it exists? I know there are some people out there who want to treat me really well. It taught me a set of values ​​about how to behave. “

Cherry is not currently in an exclusive relationship but sees “10 people”

“I just like to see a lot of different people so I don’t need too much from one,” he noted. “The best thing for me is dating more than one person. What I want and what I don’t want from another person.”

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