Chris Pine surprised by Star Trek’s announcement

Chris Pine Surprised by a new news Star Trek Film development.

A fourth ‘Star Trek’ film was confirmed by JJ Abrams at Investor’s Day in Paramount last month, and Chris – who played James T. in the sci-fi franchise. He played the role of Kirk – who was caught unawares by the revelation

Chris tells Indieware: “Well, I don’t know what’s going on with Star Trek. When the announcement was made about shareholders, I had no idea they were doing it. I don’t think anyone did. “

Despite his push, Pine has revealed that he is looking forward to working with director Matt Shackman.

He says: “I met with director Matt Shackman. He’s a super cool guy, very smart, I like him very much. “

Josh Friedman and Cameron Squares will write the script for the new movie ‘Star Trek’ and Pine is looking forward to reading it.

The Wonder Woman star says: “I know there’s a script somewhere and I’m looking forward to seeing it. I’m waiting I love the group. I love the team. I love the world. Glad to go to work. “

Pine’s latest role is in the thriller ‘All the Old Knives’ and she reveals how she was able to work with an intimate coordinator for the first time in the film.

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He explained: “I have never done this before. You’re doing a sex scene in a bedroom and you have this old lady figuring out how to do the sex scene and giving you notes and I’m wondering, ‘Who’s that guy telling me how to have sex?’

“But it was nice. He was lovely. It just takes the pressure off. There’s just no discomfort, because you have someone like a referee who makes sure it’s all over the board and everyone is comfortable.”

“Like a choreographer, he makes sure everything translates well on screen, ‘move your neck’ or ‘make your back more’.

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