Chrissy Metz shared how she met her boyfriend during the epidemic

By Corey Atad.

1 minute ago

Chrissy Metz is happy and in love.

On Friday, “This Is Us” star guest Mario Lopez is on “The Ellen DeGeneres” show, asking all the hot gossip about her new relationship.

“We met in March of the Ozzy epidemic,” he joked, referring to the dating app Bumble.

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Metz explains that he was in Nashville, where he came from, working on a country album. As it turns out, since he’s in the music industry, they had a lot of similar friends.

“But it took him a while to ask for my phone number,” she says, even after texting for weeks.

Metz goes on to describe their first date, which was supposed to be a social distance date in a park.

“Of course, it’s raining. A catastrophe, trying to interfere with my love life,” she says, but when her soon-to-be boyfriend suggested re-scheduling, she wasn’t getting it. “You know how long I’ve been waiting for you to call me?” No, we’re not rescheduling. Rain or shine. “

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Instead, they moved away from her home, away from her kitchen, and into her living room.

“It was a separation date,” he recalls.

“But if you can go through that era,” Lopez says, and Metz completes the sentence: “You can go through anything.”

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