Cobra Kai’s executive producer Hillary Swank is doing season 5 teas.

By Melissa Romualdi.

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There is a possibility that Hillary Swank will appear in season 5 of “Cobra Kai”

The fourth season of the Netflix series opened up many opportunities, especially after the re-introduction of Terry Silver, the villain of “The Karate Kid Part III” with Thomas Ian Griffith in the 1989 film.

Time DeadlineJohn Harwitz, Josh Held and Hayden Schlossberg, executive producers of the Hollywood rival series “Cobra Kai”, have hinted at the possibility of Miyagi-do student and protagonist Julie Pierce playing Swank in “The Next Karate Kid” in 1994. Season five

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“Anything is possible. I always say ‘if you’re a fan of’ The Next Karate Kid ‘and you want to see Julie Pierce, who played Hillary Swank, we’d like to see the show to see if that happens, “Schlossberg said. It’s in the can. “

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The EP and show creator also explained to fans the question of whether Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan will appear in the 2010 “Karate Kid” remake series.

“A different universe,” Schlossberg explained. “Karate Kid-Universe, but not Miyagi-Shlok. We have the universe within the universe, but yes, no. “

Returning to Swank’s character Pierce, he added that he was “one of those toy chest toys” so “we’ll see.”

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In “The Next Karate Kid”, Pierce was taken under the Miyagi branch to help deal with the problems of anger caused by the death of his parents.

A premiere date for “Cobra Kai” Season 5 has not yet been announced.

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