Cold Play applies technology investment in their concerts for the deaf

British pop-rock band Coldplay uses new ways to make their concert space for people with hearing loss.

The British alternative rock band Cold Play differs because it uses a different approach to its concerts and thus adapts its shows to all who wish to participate. The group focuses on those who have partial or complete hearing problems.

Throughout several performances, the musical group has made it possible for deaf people to enjoy their music because of the technological advances in the special vest that enable them to vibrate and thus understand music.

Group singer Chris Martin Already knew sign language because he was taught it by his mental companion actress Dakota Johnson.

At a recent concert in Mexico, the band members took the opportunity to collaborate with sign language teachers to give their fans a better experience.

The effectiveness of the vest

For people with hearing problems, this new tool helps send vibrations with the help of their electronic bracelet, which should be on both legs and wrists. In addition, the waves emitted by it depend on the song and are also received by the skin.

This allows vested fans to control the vibration of sending songs. As a result, the experience can be as personalized as possible to those who use it.

Those who are partially deaf are given hearing aids that act as amplifiers.

Fans who have enjoyed these technological advances have explained that there is no other way to understand music than their skin. This fact has been recorded because this part of the human body covers most of the space.

Alternative pop-rock bands work with communities such as the Pedagogical Institute for Language Problems and the Inter-American Entertainment Corporation Foundation (CIE), which works with outdoor social programs and entertainment as well as other organizations. Focus on those who find it difficult to improve.

However, this is not the first time the team has held such an event. At Corona Capital 2018, various deaf people took part in the event and had the opportunity to enliven the music with special costumes.

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