Connie West has yet to sell her farm in Wyoming

Connie West Trying to sell property since October 2021. Unfortunately, the gorgeous farm did not get the attention of a millionaire who wanted to pay হচ্ছে 10 million.

In recent months, the rapper Kanye West has been very involved and controversial, so the property he bought to live comfortably no longer makes sense.

It is a farm in Wyoming that Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband bought in 2019 and has been in the real estate market since October last year.

At the moment, the gorgeous farm has not caught the attention of a millionaire who is claiming to want to pay $ 10 million. However, the people involved try to sell at a price that pleases both parties.

Still, if West gets 10 million, it will be a loss, since it spent $ 14 million just three years ago.

The property is named Monster Lake Ranch, after large trout found in nearby lakes. This property is still growing, so new owners have a lot to do.

Westerners have been doing this for some time.

The total area of ​​the entire property is 1,600 hectares which includes several buildings and various outdoor spaces.

In addition to the convenience and luxury of the farm, an important feature is its impressive scenery.

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