Courtney Cox can’t find Monica’s face on viral ‘Friends’ Instagram filter

By Anita so.

5 minutes ago

Courtney Cox has jumped on the latest viral “friends” fad.

The actress shared a funny video on Instagram where she tried the app’s new “friend” face filter that overlays the iconic cast’s face on your own.

He captioned the post: “Um friends?”

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“Apparently, there’s a new ‘Friends’ face app,” he began the video “Let’s check it out.”

The 57-year-old first tackled the Ross Geller filter. David Schweimer’s hunched chin wrapped around his square jaw as well.

“Hi …” Cox says in a low voice, an impression of the actor. “Really? I don’t see anything like a swimmer. “

He moved to the Joey Tribbiani filter.

“Joey. Hey! How are you?” He says with Matt LeBlanc’s strong eyebrows and high cheekbones. “Oh, looks good with one earring. Or two.”

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When he goes to the third filter, however, he can’t figure out whose features it is.

“Oh hello,” she says. “Who is she? Is it Monica? Not sure. Rachel? I don’t know. It’s one of the worst apps I’ve ever seen, but okay.”

When he gets into a filter he has a similar problem that could be his own face.

“Is it me? Okay, I think my eyebrows are a little different… Rachel? I didn’t buy it, “he said.

Cox once again circled through all the filters before descending again.

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s not Rachel because her face is beautiful and I am… is it me? ” “I feel terrible about myself,” he joked before commenting jokingly.

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Although the actress is not feeling her appearance, famous friends liked the video. Tan France responds with emojis: “Oh,” when “Shining Well” co-star Mira Sorvino writes: “It’s ridiculous, and almost as scary as Shining Val!”

Cox played Monica Geller in “Friends” from 1994 – 2004. The popular sitcom recently saw a resurgence of popularity in May 2021 with a special broadcast of “Friends: The Reunion”. At the reunion, six cast members were seen reuniting. On the show

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