Courtney Cox says daughter Coco is ‘really embarrassed’ on her Instagram

By Corey Atad.

6 minutes ago

No one can embarrass a teenager like their mother.

Courtney Cox appears in the new, spring issue Style Magazine, and in it she shares how her 17-year-old daughter reacted to her social media posts.

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“Coco is really embarrassed to see a lot of what I put on Instagram,” Cox said. “Sometimes, I would find something on TikTok and put it on Instagram and she would say, ‘Mom, it’s over.’ Once, I did this dance, and she was stunned [laughs]. And actually, when I look back, I’m kind of frustrated. “

Courtney Cox - Photo: Jason Kibbler for Instill
Courtney Cox – Photo: Jason Kibbler for Instill

Looking back at her iconic “Friends” character, actress Monica Geller talks about what she thinks so far.

“I think she’ll probably be really, really competitive with other moms at school,” Cox said. “I think he will still be a chef and force his kids to eat only healthy food. She and Chandler will still be married. “But she has not developed in some important way.” When you grow up, sometimes you think, I’m just going to give it up – it doesn’t matter. I feel that everything is still important to Monica. “

Over the years, music has become a huge part of Cox’s life – she currently takes weekly piano lessons – and her partner and musician Johnny McDade shares this love.

“I notice that I really love musicians,” he says. “I like the way they think, the way they write. Johnny is such a poet. And the people I’ve met through it are so deep and their conversations are very interesting. “

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Courtney Cox - Photo: Jason Kibbler for Instill
Courtney Cox – Photo: Jason Kibbler for Instill

Although best known as an actress in front of the camera, Cox has often jumped behind the camera as a producer, even as a director, directing Brandy Carlyle’s 2021 music video “Right on Time” and directing the 2014 film “Just Before I Go”. And countless episodes of “Cougar Town.”

“Oddly enough, I think I give the best performance on the projects I manage, because I know the material very well,” he says. “You really need to know every word, every camera angle.”

Cox is currently working on an adaptation of the Netflix True-Crime documentary “Evil Genius”, which he plans to produce and direct.

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