Daddy Yankee Nati has launched Instagram with a video with Natasha and Becky G.

Daddy Yankee Natti posted a video with Natasha and Becky G so that they could wear sexy black clothes. The Puerto Rican singer laughed and said, “I’m well protected here.”

With those who started ‘Jonah del Perero’, “Daddy Yankee wrote while transferring a video to his Instagram account where he is seen with Natty Natasha and Becky G, two reggaeton actors who are performing” Jonah del Perio “with him. “From his latest album, Legendaddy, with which he announced his retirement from the music world.

I’m well preserved here with the baby, featuring Daddy Yankee after appearing with both artists, alluring black and makeup that highlight their qualities.

The Puerto Rican artist’s video has more than 1,555,000 likes and more than 7,000 comments, which he received just 23 hours after his post on Instagram.

Becky G and Naty Natasha are part of a lineup of artists that Daddy Yankee decided to star in the final album of his music career.

Other artists at Legendaddy include “Max Leader” Bad rabbits, pit bulls, Irrigation, Rau Alejandro, El Alpha, Lil John, Mike Towers, El Alpha and Lil John.

The musician has released a mega world tour to say goodbye to his lovers on stage with this new album.

There has been a marathon in this race, I have finally seen the plan; What you have given me, what you have given me I am now going to appreciate with all of you.

I sincerely thank my listeners, colleagues, television, radio, press, digital platforms and producers. From sources, those of you who have been ‘underground’ with me since the beginning of Reggaeton, “he said as he announced his retirement after a 32-year career in the music industry.

After the speech, his wife, Meredis Gonzalez Some nice comments:

Today I have bizarre emotions; I am happy and sorry !!!! It is ironic that today, on a day like March 20, as we celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary, I hear you tell the world that you are moving away from the music that has been with you for the last three decades.

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