De Wallace’s daughter: Meet actress Gabriel Stone

Actress De Wallace Defensive mother, Mary Taylor, starred in 1982 ET The Extra-Terrestrial. The Steven SpielbergBecame one of the most popular science fiction films of all time, with worldwide acclaim for its portrayal of the blockbuster D-directed. Six years later, she became the mother of her daughter, Gabriel StoneWhich he shared with the late actor Christopher Stone

D and Christopher were married in 1980. They welcomed their only child, Gabrielle, together in 1988. ET There has always been a special significance for Kansas Natives, who were able to work with very talented child actors before they became mothers in real life.

“My favorite scene is when I read Peter Pan Near the gar [Drew Barrymore] And ET is spying on us. It reminds me of the beautiful moments I spent with my own daughter when she was little, “said the nominee. Nearby In April 2022.

De Wallace's daughter: Meet actress Gabriel Stone
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Gabriel really learned from the best as the child of two experienced actors. She embarked on a journey of her own for a Hollywood career as an actress and director. He made his film debut in the series in 2006 Wood-steel comedy And short films Henry John and Little Bug.

Gabriel has since earned more than 50 acting credits, starring in films such as 2013 Don’t say anything badOf 2018 Competition And 2020’s Wait for dawn. In addition to his acting career, he is one of the best-selling authors of the California Native 2019 book Eat, pray, #FML And 2021 follow-up The ridiculous mistake of an unmarried girl.

“She wrote a book about how she would find her strength and love for herself after she left you,” D said. “She has served many women. He and I share the same motto: “As long as we’re making, we’re happy.”

Following the success of his first book, Gabrielle launched a podcast in October 2020 called “FML Talk.” He also started teaching masterclasses on writing, marketing and social media. Later this actress got in love Criminal mind Actor Taimur Gazi. Gabriel directed the 2019 inspirational short film to her boyfriend and her mother After Emma.

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