Discussions are underway for a prequel to ‘The Crown’

By Brent Fordick.

3 minutes ago

As the sixth season of “The Crown” draws to a close (the fifth is set to debut in November), Netflix is ​​reportedly looking to delve deeper into the history of the British royal family.

Diversity Reports that Netflix is ​​in talks with Left Bank Pictures for a possible prequel; According to DiversityIts origins, however, are in the early stages of those discussions and “the prequel is not development or greenlit.”

If Netflix decides to go ahead, the prequel will begin with the death of Queen Victoria in 1901 and end with “The Crown” where the 1947 wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip began.

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According to reports, “The Crown” producer Peter Morgan will also write the new project, which could potentially run anywhere from three to five seasons.

The prequel covers the reigns of four British kings over a period of about 50 years: Edward VII (1901-10), George V (1910-36), Edward VIII (1936) and George VI (1936-52).

At this point, note DiversityAt its source, the prequel to “The Crown” is still seen as “speculative”.

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